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“The Nine Practices of The Proactive Parent”

“Dr. Steve Scheibner life’s work more than earns the moniker ‘America’s Parenting Doctor.’  He is a world class teacher, able to spellbind audiences large and small (he spoke in front of 10,000 from our organization), has the fruit on the tree with a happy, productive, relational family, and alongside his very talented wife Megan, is one of the most prolific creator’s of deeply meaningful parenting content I have ever encountered.”

Chris Brady

NY Times best selling author and CEO of Life Leadership

Frustrated by your children’s disobedience?


Tired of sassy attitudes and having to repeat your instructions?


Do you wish your teens would take more responsibility for their actions?

Watch this short video for the answers…

Battling With Behavior in Your Home?

Single Parenting?

My child didn’t just do that… Really?

Teach your child to take the initiative!